Clan Ewing "Disambiguation Page"

Historical notes:

This web page was created for the organization formerly known as "Clan Ewing in America". As of 2008, Clan Ewing in America became the "Ewing Family Association" (EFA) with its website However, continued as an "alias" for the new EFA site.

In 2014, the Scottish Clan Ewing was officially recognized under Thor Ewing as Commander. The Clan's new website is

Now, from this page you can jump straight to the new Clan site or to the EFA. Read on!

Clan Ewing

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From the Clan Ewing website:

Clan Ewing was traditionally based both in Dumbartonshire & Stirlingshire in the Lennox, and also in Cowal in Argyll. The Gaelic word clann means 'children,' and clanship is about family first and foremost. Our clan takes its name from its founder Ewen of Otter, who lived at Cnoc Mhic Eoghainn (now Balimore, Argyll) near Otter Ferry in the 1300's. As his clan, we are all in a sense his children.

Although sometimes overlooked in more recent times, Clan Ewing is a Highland clan with a long history. Our genealogy recorded in medieval manuscripts stretches back into the realms of prehistory and legend, while our historical ancestors forged a close alliance with Clan Campbell over several generations. It is thought that the Ewings were appointed by Mary Queen of Scots as Bearers of the Ensign of Scotland, an achievement recorded on the Ewing coat of arms.

Ewing Family Association

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From the EFA website:

[The EFA] grew out of the hobby of Rev. Ellsworth Samuel Ewing (1908-1995), who travelled around the USA meeting with Ewings, often staying in their homes and collecting genealogical information. His had the idea that many, if not most, American Ewings were descended from one William Ewing of Stirling, Scotland. In the early 1990s he and others organized Clan Ewing in America, which was originally intended to be an organization for just members of that family line. This organization initially focused on thirty-three Ewing individuals known to have immigrated to America before 1776, mostly from Ireland and Scotland and mostly to the Middle Atlantic states.

Time, conventional research and DNA studies have subsequently proved that there are many Ewing lines and many Ewing stories. In September 2008, we changed our name to the Ewing Family Association, hoping to encourage broader participation from Ewing families everywhere.


The purposes of the Association shall be educational and accomplished by:

  • Fostering interest in the Ewing Family and a spirit of fellowship among the members of the Association
  • Promoting gatherings of the Association;
  • Encouraging genealogical research and sharing the finds with others;
  • Collecting and preserving historical and genealogical records of Ewing families around the world; and
  • Publishing a family newsletter or journal periodically with information that is of a biographical, genealogical and historical nature.